Rolus Can

Your time is precious in an always-on world



We wanted to make a drink that rolls with you any time of day.

That moves as you move and goes where you go.

  • We made a sparkling hydration drink that’s Never Still.

    You don’t need to overthink it, but we sure did. You see, ROLUS wasn’t made overnight. It took four years to perfect. Why? Because let's face it, great ingredients don’t always mean you like the flavor. And when you’re Never Still, you need superior hydration and great taste. ROLUS was created by a team of doctors, dietitians, wellness medicine gurus, genius professors from world-renowned universities, athletes at the top of their game, master blenders with a touch of crazy talent, and flavor specialists with astounding palates. These are the people who helped us change the hydration game.

  • 01

    ROLUS botanical blend

    Refreshing taste

    It starts with a botanical blend.

    We’ve got a secret recipe up our sleeve. We wanted a taste that would be refreshing from day to night. It's great by itself, and you can even mix ROLUS with your favorite spirit—if that’s where the mood takes you.

  • 02

    Hawaiian sea salt

    Replenishes electrolytes

    Our electrolyte all-rounder is Hawaiian sea salt

    Our hydration experts didn’t just want to add individual electrolytes. They wanted to look for pure sea salt with trace minerals and zero microplastics. After tasting and learning about many options, Hawaiian sea salt checked all the boxes.

  • 03

    Greek verbena extract

    Supports immune system

    Introducing Greek verbena. The antioxidant, anti-inflammatory artist.

    Ever read anything about the Mediterranean diet? We hear it’s quite good for you. And one of the unsung heroes is Greek verbena. We pick ours from the foothills of Mount Olympus —it’s been used for centuries, even present in stories about the Greek gods. But what it’s better known for is its immunity support.

  • 04

    Asian ginseng

    Regenerating adaptogen

    Asian ginseng, the adaptogenic fatigue fighter.

    There’s a lot that’s being said about adaptogens and what they can help you do. Asian ginseng is one of the originals, and it’s a superstar in the world of traditional medicine. We’ve infused it into ROLUS to help you throughout your day.

Tell me more:

  • ROLUS is a sparkling hydration drink with a full-flavored mouth feel, slightly herbal with a fresh botanical sensation. It contains subtle citrus notes which provide a refreshing and enjoyable aftertaste.

  • There's hydrates, then there's carbohydrates. Good news, while we're great at hydration, ROLUS contains zero carbs.

  • That's right. None at all.

  • We’re free from alcohol, which means you’re free to drink ROLUS whenever, and wherever, you like.

  • Why does it always have to be all or nothing? ROLUS is a great alcohol alternative for a night out, but you can also add in your favorite mixer if that’s where the mood is taking you.