• Time doesn’t stand still.

  • And neither do you.

  • That means staying hydrated.

  • ROLUS tastes refreshing.

  • and moves with you.

  • sip it. mix it.

  • just don't overthink it.

  • The ritual morning run

  • Lunch break

  • Sunshine and sips

  • Boat party

  • Best-friend date

  • Happiest hour

  • One more drink

11.5 FL OZ

ROLUS 6 Pack

ROLUS is your new, go-to sparkling hydration drink. A botanical sensation, it’s slightly herbal, with subtle citrus notes for a refreshing and enjoyable aftertaste.

And yes, we’re made with electrolytes and adaptogens. But every can of ROLUS was made to do one thing — keep you really hydrated. It’s unique and refreshing straight out of the can, or mix it with your go-to drink. We’re not here to tell you what to do.


You don’t need a science degree to understand what’s in it. It’s made to keep you hydrated, taste great, and take you from day to night.

But if you're curious, we've got you. Learn more, click below.

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Made for

  • Any time
  • After yoga
  • With brunch
  • At half time
  • Post drinks
  • After the big meeting
  • Pre-game
  • At the bar
  • You